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NSK Cross Roller Slewing Ring Bearing

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NSK Cross Roller Ring is a roller bearing with high rotation accuracy capable of bearing loads in every direction. Because it has orthogonally arranged cylindrical rollers, it can bear loads in every direction.As their name suggests, crossed roller slides (also referred to as crossed roller bearings) are linear bearings that use cylindrical rollers—as opposed to balls—to carry a load. The rollers ride between parallel guides in which v-shaped grooves have been ground.It is equipped with inner ring and outer ring, inner ring and outer ring form between assembling on the slideway of roller, the bearings are characteristic of their in two pieces of fission structure, through the screw connection, inner ring side face higher than the outer end face on the same side, outer ring along the circumferential uniform axial connection hole, on the slide along the circumferential uniform roller are arranged cross, between each roller set column spacing block.The two ends of the cylindrical isolation block are provided with arc-shaped grooves, and the arc-shaped grooves on the two ends are in the shape of a cross in the radial direction.The cross section of the slide between the inner ring and the outer ring is square.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
NRXT8013DD|NRXT8013E crossed roller bearing NRXT8013DD|NRXT8013E 1 pcs Negotiable -
NRXT8013 bearing 80*110*13mm NRXT8013 1 pcs Negotiable -
NRXT9020DD crossed roller bearing NRXT9020DD 1 pcs Negotiable -
NRXT5013DD Crossed Roller Bearing NRXT5013DD 1 pcs Negotiable -
NRXT4010DD Crossed Roller Bearing NRXT4010DD 1 pcs Negotiable -
NRXT6013DD cruz de rodamientos NRXT6013DD 1 pcs Negotiable -
slewing bearing for revolver head of turning machine NRXT8013DD NRXT8013DD 1 pcs Negotiable -
NSK NRXT8013DD crossed roller bearings NSK NRXT8013DD 1 pcs Negotiable
NRXT9016DD crossed roller bearing NRXT9016DD 1 pcs Negotiable -
NRXT8016DD crossed roller bearing NRXT8016DD 1 pcs Negotiable -
NSK N Series Crossed Roller Bearing NSK 1 pcs Negotiable -
NRXT2508DD Crossed Roller Bearing NRXT2508DD 1 pcs Negotiable -