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Harmonic Drive Gear Head Bearing

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Harmonic Drive Gear Head Bearingis a new type of mechanism that realizes transmission by elastic deformation movement. It breaks through the mode of rigid component mechanism in mechanical transmission and USES a flexible component to realize mechanical transmission, thus obtaining a series of special functions that are difficult to achieve in other drives. It has been widely used. Harmonic gear transmission system consists of three basic components: Circular Spline, Flexspline and Wave Generator, and Wave Generator.The principle of harmonic gear transmission is to generate a moving deformation wave through the function of wave generator in the flexible gear component and engage with the rigid gear tooth, so as to achieve the transmission purpose Because the harmonic drive has many unique advantages, in recent decades, harmonic gear transmission technology and device has been widely used in space technology, radar, communication, energy, machine tools, instruments and meters, robots, automobile, shipbuilding, textile, metallurgy, conventional weapons, precision optical equipment, printing and packaging machinery, medical equipment and other fields.

CSF17-XRB Robot Harmonic Reducer Bearing

CSF17-XRB 1 pcs

CSD-17 harmonic drive output bearings CSD17-XRB

CSD-17 1 pcs

CSF50-XRB special harmonice drive part bearings China

1 pcs Negotiable

CRB32-HU08A harmonic reducer crossed roller bearings

CRB32-HU08A 1 pcs

SHF-40 Harmonic Planetary Gearhead Bearing

SHF-40 1 pcs

Robot CSF32-XRB Harmonic Drive Bearing China

1 pcs Negotiable

SHF-32 high rigidity bearings for harmonic drive Special

SHF-32 1 pcs

SHF-14 output bearings for harmonic reducer

SHF-14 1 pcs

SHF-25-50-2UH-SPK0091 reducer output bearing

SHF-25-50-2UH-SPK0091 1 pcs

SHF-50 Harmonic Reducer Bearing

SHF-50 1 pcs

CSF14-XRB Small robot drive bearings China harmonice

1 pcs Negotiable