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NSK DBS Type Slewing Bearings

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The appearance of NSK slewing bearing seems like a rotatory gear, it divided into internal gear DBS and external Gear DBD types. The internal gear series is single row ball bearing type, the external DBD type is double row rotary type applicable for motive power shovel, crane, revolving crane jib as well as other large construction machinery. The bearing suffix Y means without the outer ring without seal, T means with rubber seal, T3 means with contact type rubber seal.we offer a wide range of NSK DBS slewing beairngs, external gear, OD 330~558mm, and other high precision slewing rings.NSK DBS External gear teeth slewing bearing   and we specialize in NSK type NRXT series crossed roller bearing. This series bearing is a kind of thin section bearings, has the feature of light weight, high rigidity and high precision.  NRXT crossed roller bearings' outer ring is split while inner ring is integrated, so it's suitable for applications where high running accuracy of the inner ring is required.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
217DBS201y slewing bearings 217DBS201y 1 pcs Negotiable -
336DBS201y slewing bearing 336DBS201y 1 pcs Negotiable -
310DBS201y slewing bearing 310DBS201y 1 pcs Negotiable -
300DBS208y slewing bearing 300DBS208y 1 pcs Negotiable -
300DBS202y slewing bearing 300DBS202y 1 pcs Negotiable -
225DBS202y slewing bearing 225DBS202y 1 pcs Negotiable -
1092DBS101y slewing bearings internal gear NSK NSK 1092DBS101y 1 pcs Negotiable
308DBS205y slewing bearing 308DBS205y 1 pcs Negotiable -
238DBS201y slewing bearing 238DBS201y 1 pcs Negotiable -
240DBS204y slewing bearing 240DBS204y 1 pcs Negotiable -
310DBS211y slewing bearing 310DBS211y 1 pcs Negotiable -
220DBS201y slewing bearing 220DBS201y 1 pcs Negotiable -